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An Awesome Pup and His Human

An American Bulldog's Story

An Awesome Pup and His Human

July 7th, 2018 · 2 Comments · Uncategorized

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I really wish dogs could live for as long as their humans (and vice-versa). The last round of K9 chemo yesterday was just another day for him, with a 30-minute belly rub by a person he’s only seen five times. I know what the stats say. Amputation only: up to 90 days. Amputation with carboplatin: Median remission is 378 days. In the last few months I’ve learned more than I really want about canine osteosarcoma. I’ve learned I don’t really care about K9 Osteo statistics. What I care about is life while life is happening.

I’ve also learned more than I thought I ever would about how an animal responds to having a leg removed; about how supportive people and pup can really be (and it wasn’t anywhere near as patronizing as I thought it would be for either group) as a dog and a human are being removed, gracefully, from each other’s lives.

I’ve parted with more tears than I would have realized a person could shed over an animal (I say that more as an offer of maybe a little wisdom than any request for consolation.) Said another way, “If you get a pet, you may be surprised at how the pet actually gets you. And it’s worth everything you put in.”
I know he won’t live forever. I am okay with that, now. He’s already on the high end on the normal distribution curve. Said another way, “We are blessed beyond a cup running over.”

I don’t have 2.3 kids, a spouse to share a house and chores, or a white picket fence. And I’m absolutely cool with that. I’ve got a few good friends, a way to make a living, and a couple of muts. I’ve got inspiration from friends, strangers, and a favorite dog. Tentatively, I think I may have belted more laughter and shed more tears because of joy than I’ve cried more tears from pain. If so, it is because of blessings like these.

I know that’s a lot more than some people have, and I wish everyone could catch a glimpse of the abundant blessings that grace their brief lives.

I think right now, though, I am most grateful that this guy’s 5th chemo is behind him; and more than that, I’m thankful for this guy. #GoRoscoe Just how much he has impacted my life? There are no statistics for that one. The Bell curve is blown, and I understand why statistic’s William S. Gosset called himself the Student..

Still going strong.  #GoRoscoe

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  • paws120

    There are a lot of people that say their companion rescued them, me too. #GoRoscoe!!! I just got my adorable Roscoe fix first thing in the morning, thank you 🙂
    So good to know that he is doing well, and that you are all doing well.
    Please give the pups face smooshes for me, those faces are too adorable not to smoosh 🙂

  • jerry

    You have such a great way of describing all the goodness our dogs bring into our lives. I especially loved this:

    “I’ve learned I don’t really care about K9 Osteo statistics. What I care about is life while life is happening.”

    You know exactly what matters and it’s not statistical guesses or comparing your situation to other cases, it’s living life through Roscoe’s eyes and enjoying every second. Good job!

    Still going strong? WONDERFUL! May he keep beating the odds and proving that statistics don’t mean diddly when you’re making the most of the gift of time.

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